Gilderoy – P2522

This is a UK 32nd licensing round award, and contains an extension of the Callanish / Greenwell Palaeocene channel system, up-dip to the northwest. North Greenwell
displays a similar DHI response as Callanish and North Greenwell. Exploration drilling scheduled for Greenwell will, if successful, unlock the value of this licence.

MacCulloch – P2520

Awarded as part of the UK 32nd UK licensing round, this licence contains the abandoned Palaeocene MacCulloch oil field. The field ceased production in 2015 when the FPSO became unviable and had to be removed. However, at CoP, several wells were still producing oil from the Palaeocene Balmoral Sandstone reservoir at commercially significant rates.

Shirley – P2525

This block was awarded in the UK 32nd licensing round award, and contains the 16/27a-3 Shirley Lower Cretaceous gas-condensate discovery, made by Phillips in 1982. The well encountered an extremely thick Britannia Sandstone reservoir that was hydrocarbon-bearing from top to base, but failed to flow on DST. Despite relatively low porosity and permeability, formation damage is considered to be the most likely cause of the DST failure as similar low-perm reservoirs produce at commercial rates in the nearby Andrew Field.

Fay – P2537

Awarded as part of the UK 32nd licensing round, this block contains the Fay (Lower Cretaceous), Macleod (Upper Jurassic) and Keelhaul (Palaeocene) discoveries, as well as the now abandoned Shelley oil field (Palaeocene).

Christian – P2533

Awarded as part of the UK 32nd licensing round award, this licence is adjacent to the Cook Field, which has now produced in excess of its anticipated P10 reserves. The licence contains the Christian Discovery, with oil present within Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge turbidite sandstones, and the Upper Jurassic Christian and Bligh discoveries, with gas-condensate present within deeper Fulmar and Puffin Sandstones respectively. In addition, oil is present within the Palaeocene Morgan discovery within the Balmoral Sandstone.

West Teal – P2535

This UK 32nd licensing round award contains the West Teal Discovery, and is located to the north of the Guillemot- Clapham Field complex. West Teal was discovered by the 21/24-4 well in 1991, which encountered oil within Upper Jurassic Fulmar Sandstone in a “pod/interpod” setting. A number of other prospects and leads are present, at Jurassic, Rotleigend and Eocene levels.

Starweb – P2523

Awarded as part of the UK 32nd licensing round, ontaining the Upper Jurassic Starweb Prospect is a conceptual statigraphic trap, comprising pinch-out and/or truncation of the Fulmar Sandstone northwards onto the Fladen Ground Spur.

Bowmore – P2521

This tranche of blocks was awarded as part of the UK 32nd licensing round. The acreage contains the Bowmore discovery, which was discovered by the 15/24a-4 well in 1990 and appraised by the 15/24a-9 well in 2009. The producing reservoir comprises Upper Jurassic Galley Sandstone turbidites within a combination structural/stratigraphic trap, although hydrocarbons were also present within deeper Claymore and Piper sandstones. A significant number of additional leads have been mapped across the acreage, including structural fault-bound terraces and stratigraphic pinch-out plays, primarily at Piper Sandstone level.

Britannia Field – P213_345

Zennor purchased Mitsui’s 8.97% stake in the Britannia Field in 2018. Britannia, discovered in 1975 and on-stream in 1998, currently produces around 25,000boepd gas-condensate from Lower Cretaceous sandstones via over 30 production wells. The purchase doubled Zennor’s net production and is linked to Zennor’s nearby Finlaggan development.

Causeway – P1383/P201

Block 211/23d contains the Causeway Field, discovered in 1992.  It was developed as a subsea tie-back to the TAQA operated North Cormorant Platform, with first production in 2012.  Production ceased in May 2016 and a formal COP notice is anticipated shortly.