Mungo & Monan Fields

Blocks 22/20a, 22/20d, 23/16a

Operator: BP Exploration Operating Company Limited
Partners: BP Exploration Operating Company Limited 87.3549%; Zennor CNS Limited 12.6451%

Facts & Figures

AREA: 50 km2
SHARE: 12.6451%

Licence P0059 contains the Mungo and Monan Fields.

The Mungo Field is a normally unmanned facility tied back to Eastern Trough Area Project Central processing Facility (ETAP CPF). Monan is a ~6.5 km subsea tie back to ETAP. Both fields produce light oil and gas from Paleocene reservoirs. Hydrocarbons are transported to shore via FPS and CATS. In 2015/16 the ETAP CPF underwent a significant refit and the fields have a projected future life of over 10 years. Additional development drilling opportunities are under evaluation.