Finlaggan Field – P2013

Finlaggan Field – P2013

Block 21/5c

Operator: Zennor Pathway Limited
Partnership: Zennor Pathway Limited 100%

Facts & Figures

AREA: 36.6 km2
SHARE: 100%

Finlaggan is located to the south of the Britannia Field. Originally discovered by ConocoPhillips in 2005, Zennor drilled the Finlaggan appraisal well and side-track (21/5c-7, 7Z) in 2016. The side-track was tested and flowed at 40mmscfd of gas and 3,120bbls/d of condensate. In 2017, Britannia was selected as the offtake route, which will be produced by a two-well subsea tie back. The FID decision followed in 2018, with commencement of drilling operations in July 2018 and FDP approval in October 2018. Laying and trenching the pipeline to Britannia has now been completed. On the 12th October 2020, Zennor announced the completion of the Finlaggan sub-sea manifold installation. At year end, the Finlaggan development project will be over 90% complete and on target for first production in Q4 2021 following the rescheduled Forties Pipeline System shutdown in Q2 2021.

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Zennor Finlaggan Field Development ES (D-4201-2017)

Zennor Finlaggan_Public Notice_F01

Zennor Finlaggan_PON16 Form 24-08-17